Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Barbara Schechter Cohen - May 1, 2002


Okay, do you--were there other children in your family besides you?

Uh, not in--not during the war. In the United States there were children.



So both, both parents s...survived?


How big was the family, do you know? Were there aunts and uncles, cousins?

Uh, my dad came from a family of six. Uh, six uh, sisters and himself and five of them survived the concentration camps, five of the sisters, which is a miracle.


Yeah, and my, my mother uh, uh, everyone was killed in her family. There, there was uh, her parents and uh, two sisters and a brother. So no one survived uh, in her family.

And do you know, did they die in Auschwitz? Were they taken to Auschwitz? Does anybody know what happened to them?

Uh, my mother uh, told me that she was informed that her mother died in, in one of those uh, outside the village where they had to dig your own grave um, and shot.

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