Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Eva Cigler - March 17, 1982


Rest of the lager.

rest of the lager. And in that woods there, there was a barrack, a separate barrack with the gate closed and everything and they put us in there. We find all the good places... In that barrack you couldn't go no place because it was caged in. And everybody, sure enough, the, about a hun...about three hundred girls or two hundred fifty contact the typhus.

Contracted Typhus.

yeah, the Typhus. So all three of...

Did you have Typhus too?

Yeah, I was the first to catch it.

Oh you were.

And uh, I don't know, I just want a little hot soup, that's all I was screaming. A little hot soup. And the youngest one that time didn't catch the typhus yet. So he went organizing for a little potatoes. I don't know how--kitchen, because the girls who we know from that barrack work in the kitchen so they—she--they give her two potatoes because she was crying "Eva," uh, that my name was uh, name, she going to die. And she said, "Here is two potatoes and maybe you make a potatoes uh, soup." You could make fire. I don't know how we cook it but we give one potato for the Kapo, that Blockälteste...


there and she let us to cook it in uh, that stove what uh, she had there end of the barrack. And I don't know how long I was in that typhus, but everybody was dying, the whole block. And uh, we didn't go in the bathroom. How we uh, make it there, number one or number two you...

Right there.

Right there. You sleep in it because you didn't have the strength to go out. And that time already it was very close, close the end of the war. And then we get better, we finally start to move and we see the German left the camp. It's was--this was already uh, February, March, uh, end of uh, March, beginning April.

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