Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Eva Cigler - March 17, 1982

Contact with Germans

Did you uh, did you---does this name sound familiar? Commander Hoesler, Hoesler?

Hoesler? No, just uh, the other one when we was coming uh, from the transport uh, with the glasses...


Mengele. That I could see his face just like I see uh, the daylight today. I could remember that face because he said this way you go, and uh, he was the selecting officer.

What about Commander Pohl, Pole, Puhl at Bergen-Belsen?



At Bergen-Belsen there was, I don't know the names, but uh, there was plenty SS there.

Did you ever hear of Untersturmführer Grabner.

That was a woman?

Untersturmführer Grabner, she worked with--he worked with the gassings.

Where in Bergen-Belsen?


In Birkenau. No.

All right. What about um, does this name sound familiar--Bidenstout or Leichenkeller. No? Okay. Just curious.

No, the name--I, I'm sure there was there but uh, the name I didn't uh, catch too much. Just we see the faces you know, uh, because which was, we familiar with them.

Did you ever have any in, in Birkenau, did you ever have any contact with any of the SS besides the time you got whipped?

No just that uh, one--we was contact, they was telling us what to do you know, when they was taking us to the field uh, to work. But what kinda contact?

Did they ever talk to you? Did they ever, um...

No, they talked to us to go and pick up the shovel or the...

Besides orders.

No, no.

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