Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Eva Cigler - March 17, 1982

Work Outside of Auschwitz II

Okay, it was cold weather.

Yeah and the snow start to uh, fell already. And uh, when the snow start to fell you high walk with that uh, wooden shoes.

Wooden shoe.

And that wooden shoe was just killing us. And if you didn't hold the line then the SS come with the dogs and put you right in the line. And uh, I was going out of the line because uh, I start to put some rag on it I shouldn't slip on the snow so much. And when I went out the line, the SS dog, a white dog--a beautiful white dog bit mine, uh...


leg. It start to bleed. But I didn't pay too much attention. They said when you get to the camp uh, we're going to go to the first aid and then they're going to put a bandage or something on it. But I was afraid to go because I know who was going in the first aid they're never going to come out from that. So uh, the next day I just see the dog marks on my leg, but I don't pay too much attention. So looks like the dog was cleaner than I was because I didn't get no infection from it. And uh, that one uh, we finished and uh, it was already Christmas time because the Christmas tree already was on the camp.

There was a Christmas tree, in the camp?

Yes. In the camp. They put it on. And uh, they were...

With lights and everything?

Lights and everything on it. And even at night they was singing the carols.

Who was singing?

Uh, it must be some singing group, I don't know who they was. The prisoner was I know that. But the SS was standing around there.

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