Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Eva Cigler - March 17, 1982

Knowledge of Sabotage

When uh, when you were working in Brezinka did you ever hear about a crematorium being blown up? Or when you worked--you stopped working there in August you said.

Yeah, and then they was--I don't know if that was blown up or there was still done, because then we have to uh, work in one bigger crematorium, it wasn't too big that one. There was just uh, like uh, one room and one more room, 'bout three rooms separately.

You worked...

That's was a ve...very small one. That was already half blowed off.

What did you do there?

And then we have to take the uh, brick apart.

So you tore apart the crematorium.

We tore the crematorium, uh...

Do you know which one it was? Was there a number on it?

We don't pay any attention...


with the number, we just know the rooms. Uh, there was 'bout three or four uh, rooms there. And when it's tored uh, up then we 'posed to go the main one, the big one.


There was the oven. 'Bout that time they say the men going to do the work. They was cleaning up the cement and they was uh, I don't know what kinda work they was doing there. But when we finished with that one, then we never went back to the--that place anymore. That the, was the last uh, time. Uh.

So then you—so, let's, let's see, you went from working in--first you came to the camp and you were in your Block for six weeks.


Then you went to work in the Brezinka.


Then you worked in the fields outside.


You were filling, leveling the earth.


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