Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Eva Cigler - March 17, 1982

Children's Barrack

There was a children's barrack.

Yeah. There was a couple children there you know, for show off and the transport was coming. The people shouldn't think nothing gas. You could see from the gate the children was uh, playing and the old lady was sitting outside nicely dressed. They shouldn't have no idea where they, uh...



What's ahead of them.

So when they see the show, in the other side there was old lady so they was thinking sure, they uh, we just going to take a bath and then we come uh, back to the barracks like that we see...


in that uh, place.

Did you see the band as you marched in too?

Yes, we always march with the band was playing. When we was going out to work the band was playing and then the gate opened and the SS came and they took us to work. We worked at couple places in Auschwitz. Uh, in a forest uh, we was marching I don't know where. Uh, and we was working uh, fill in some, a field. And uh, we was filling in some uh, waters, spot or--not waters, but uh, there was already a stream. And we was filling that little stream up. And sometime they uh, the siren was blowing because they was bombing or some place and you have to stop and wait uh, 'til the siren uh, sound off again you could go back to work.

What were you filling the stream up with, more water?

I--no, with, uh...

With dirt?

dirt. Yeah.

In other words you were filling up...


Making it level.

Level is all. Yeah.

This was after you worked in the Brezinka.

Yeah, after when we was working. So we was--when we was coming back uh, the band was going, when we was going out the band was playing.

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