Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Eva Cigler - March 17, 1982

 "Organizing II"

What did you, you tore apart the clothing?

Yeah, we have to tore apart. Uh, take the button off and if it's a open, you could open the button and look inside. If not--there was money inside some of them. And the shoulder pads we have to take it apart from the clothes and open it. Every piece of clothing the...

The lining.

the lining have to stay...


open. Everything have to be open. So sometime we just tear it. You know, we, it wasn't no too many ??? around. So we just tear it and uh, open it and see if... Not uh, gold pieces or money but we find uh, some button and some shoulder pads where the money was there and some rings was there. But uh, we didn't care what we find, we know we can't keep nothing. So it have to be in that box, we throw it in. But sometime at night when we have to go to the bathroom, it was a outside uh, john there and sometime we didn't feel like to throw in the money and uh, rings, so we went and throw it in the...

In the toilet.

toilet there. So, I--there was plenty jewelry in that toilet when they pull 'em out.

The Scheißkommando?

Yeah, the Scheißkommando or somebody already the Kapo know it what uh, sometime we do. They didn't say nothing.

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