Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Eva Cigler - March 17, 1982


Did you get a number, tattoo?

Ye...yes, I have a numbers. That tattoo is 6312, 6-3-1... ma...Yeah, no.

The tattoo reads...



A Auschwitz 6312. And my sister is 6313 and the other is 4...


and my cousin is 5.

You were one right after the other.

Yeah. One.

When did they tattoo?

Uh, they tattoo us uh, after uh, we was there uh, end of June they tattoo us...


because they know we're going to stay in Auschwitz.

So you weren't tattooed right away when you got your clothing.


Did your dress have a number on it?

Yes. The dress had the same number...

The same number?

like the tattoo. But uh, who didn't have tattoo, they have a, a, a Star of David


on it, and just a yellow Star of David, they didn't have no number.

On your arm, but they had a number on the Star of David.


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