Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Eva Cigler - March 17, 1982


Can you tell me something about your family, how many were there?

We was five uh, girls and one boys in our family and my mother and father. And uh, three of us came back from the camp and uh, three of us perished with my parents.

Mm-hm. What did your father do for his occupation?

Uh, he had a little store. Like a dry good stores with the family together. But after when the Hungarian came in you couldn't have the store too long so uh, he gave up and went uh, to work in a factory.

The store was taken from him?

Uh, yes.

Did he sell tobacco in the store too?


Was he a veteran, he had special permission to sell the tobacco?

Uh, he ha...he was a veteran yes in the first war. And uh, he was uh, wo...wounded in his face. I didn't know the word to say it. He was a para...



During World War One.

One, yes. And then he uh, the wagon went on the explosive uh, place...

And that...

and then it blow up and he was landed on his face.

I see.

So he had a...

And because of that he got the tobacco license.

Yes, by privileges. Uh, but that time you know uh, you hand it to a nut. Later on they took it away from you and uh, they throw you out because you was a Jew.

So he was forced to close his store.

Uh, close the store yeah and go work in a factory.

Did he work for a Jewish person at that time?

Uh, in a factory?


Uh, yeah.

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