Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Eva Cigler - March 17, 1982

Jewish Political Groups

Oh, they came to this country.

They--yes, they came to this country.

Okay. Um, your father, then your father never belonged to any of the groups, any of the Zionist groups or...

No. Not that I know of, no.

Were there many kids at your age that belonged to them, to these groups?

Groups? I--we was uh, I belonged there, in a Betar.

Oh, you belonged in Betar?

Yes. Uh, my sister and me because we was that age that time. I was belonged there, yes.

This was during the Hungarian occupation that you belonged to the Betar.

Yes, we start with the Czech.


And then when the Hungarian--and after, not too long the Hungarian closed it down anyway, you couldn't meet no place anymore and then...

Was there any talk of going to Israel?

There was talk and from the Betar they went to Israel in thirty uh, eight. When the Hungarian came in I think three months later they know they have to get away from that, who could go. And uh, 'bout fifteen uh, people from our town went.

Any of your family?

No, not in our family. We didn't want to leave our uh, parents, that was the whole thing. An older sister uh, was thinking he going to go with that group, but he took a, she start to tell my mother and my mother start to cry and uh, she couldn't uh, leave uh, the, the family so she stayed home because...

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