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Eva Cigler - March 17, 1982

Plans for the Future

Um, what kind of schooling or expectations did you have? Were you going to learn a trade or...

Yeah, ??? trade. The schooling uh, I couldn't finish. I finished the eighth grade and then I went to uh, high school. High school, here high school but there they call it a different, uh.


Like a gymnasium, yeah. Uh, two years. And after that uh, two years I couldn't go uh, anymore schooling. So that the time when I went to help out the family with the work that I was doing.

Well, before then um, did you plan to, to continue school?

Yeah sure, we planned because uh, all uh, the parents wanted their child you know, if they put a thing in school to be somebody. You know, work in an office or uh, do something in a professional uh, way.

Were you planning to be a secretary...


to learn typing and....

Yeah, typing and uh, I don't know, ??? or in a doctor office uh, to uh, work like uh you know, that kind of work, I really would like to do that time.

MM-hm and all of your family were planning to continue...


their education but they couldn't continue.

but they couldn't continue when the Hungarian came.

I see. Did your family, were they Shomer Shabbos, did they keep the Sabbath too?


Most of the people in the community too?


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