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Eva Cigler - March 17, 1982


The following is a taped interview of Mrs. Eva Cigler who lives on Marlow in Oak Park. The date is March 17, 1982 and my name is Mrs. Eva Lipton and I am the interviewer.

Would you please state your name and age?

Mrs. Eva Cigler, born Eva ??? in Berehovo or, or Beregszász.

Okay. What year?

And age is fifty-seven.

Fifty-seven, okay. Um, can you describe something about the city of Beregszász before the war?

War? Beregszász was a small uh, town about thirty thousand uh, people. And uh, I don't know what to, uh...

Well, what about the Jewish population? What percent were Jewish?

About uh, almost uh, I don't know how many percentage uh, about uh, ten thousand, ten to thirty thousand

And were there many synagogues in Beregszász?

Uh, yes, there was a, one, two, three, there could be five or six synagogues, but was a main synagogue in the main street.


And where I live in that street was also a synagogue, not so big in the main street. And uh...

What was the name of the street?

Uh, the street... Hm [laughs] let me Uh you know all of a sudden I don't remember.

Well it's a...


???. And that was where the main synagogue was?

No, that was the, in the main street. I think the street name was ??? or something.

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