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Franka Charlupski - November 19, 1981


Uh, you have two children.

I have two children.

And your daughter...


...majored in Spanish literature?

Uh, no, she's a social worker.

But she was in Madrid?

She was in Madrid in--when she was sixteen, now thirty-two. That's in 1970, '70...


Oh sixty--yeah, what am I talking about? Sixty-five, right. Uh...

She married now?

Yeah, yeah she's married. She lives in Boston. And uh, my son is a lawyer. He lives in Jersey. But he's with a company ??? And I'm very fortunate, because my children grew up in the worse times. Uh, dope uh, demonstrations uh, against this--against that--against the whole world. And when they went away to college I just told them one thing, "Just remember one thing, there is nothing I wouldn't do for you, you know that. But you get yourself involved and you get into a jail, you're gonna have to get yourself out. I'm not going to lift a finger." I don't know if I would stay with it but this was my, this was my uh, speech. And thanks God, they went to school. They--my daughter had ideas of ??? but uh, she ???

You have grandchildren?

Uh, my daughter married a fellow that has a little boy. He's eight-years-old so I have him but I'm waiting, patiently!

Your son is younger?

My son is twenty-nine.

I think we're, we're through, unless...

All right, any time.

Thank you very much

You're very welcome, my pleasure. I mean. It's not a greatest pleasure to talk about it but, in your case, as long as we can teach people--make people understand that this shouldn't happen again. It won't.

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