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Franka Charlupski - November 19, 1981

Life in the Ghetto

...can I, can I just--I don't want to stop talking about what you um, or lose track...

Yeah, go ahead.

...but before um, we go too much further, I wanted to know what happened after liberation. Um, I have a couple things about the ghetto...


Do, do you remember hearing about um, Kulmhof, while you were in Łódź? A camp at Kulmhof which was another--or Chelmno I guess it was? Another...



Chelmno; that's in Poland. Yeah, I heard about it.

But in Łódź, any rumors about that?

No, no.

Okay. How about um, somebody named Moser? Dr. Moser?

A German?

German. One of the uh, the, the...

Or Mengele?

No, no. He was the representative of the Regierungs president in uh, in Łódź. He was responsible for the...


Or von Biebow? No?

It's possible, yes...

I just--because these are men ???

It's just that uh, you know, a lot of things are blank in my mind.

Do you remember before the, the ghetto was liquidated um, there was a strike in Łódź. Did, did you hear...

That must have been after I left.

Okay, that was in?

In August. Later, in August, probably.

Yeah, later in August.

Yes, I heard about it. I heard later on people talk about it but that was after I had left.

Okay. Now ???

[interruption in interview]

...that uh, there was uh, something in Łódź but it wasn't in my time. I don't remember anything.

It was late in August.

Late in--it must have been later on.

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