Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Maurice Chandler - October 3, 1993

Mementos of Family III

When was she raised in your house?

Before the war.

She was gone already when the Germans came?

No, no, she was there. She got married, she left, but she left in uh, Nasielsk and she had three or four kids and here...

I mean she wasn't in your house when the Germans came?

No, not directly in our house but I remember her. And here she gave this card to somebody here that lived in uh, Detroit, it says here, ??? Raimis. To the Raimis she gave this to the Raimis. ??? Raimi in Detroit and from Esther Friedman in Nasielsk in 1926, she gave this--the picture. That's what she looked like. That's--I mean, these are all mementoes that I cherish because there is nothing else.

Is there a memorial book of Nasielsk?

There is, there is a memorial book that were--they were Landsmannschaft the headquarters was in Los Angeles, you know, from the earlier immigrants that came to America probably the turn of the century like when the Raimis came, when Mondrys, and Perlmutters, you know and I found a book--a little brochure describing all the Nasielsk, how it was, what kind of, you know, how they used to uh, distribute the uh, Passover help, or the poor Jews with some pictures, but it pre-dates my time. It has nothing to do with the, uh...

And there was no later one done?

No, no.

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