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Maurice Chandler - October 3, 1993

Working Under False Name II

Okay. This is where you lived?

??? Is the area in Łomża.

You're a worker. You're a Pole.

Yes, yes. ??? in 1939 Polish. Personen beschreiben--personal, you know description. Height 167 centimeters, Gestalt: schlank--that's slim. Gesicht: oval.

Oval face.

Haar: Dunkel blond. Augen: blau and I got the other ones. Must have got the two--must have gotten another one. This is the same--no, they are two different ones yeah, also, but this, this was the guy--the, the uh, manager. See, at a later date, this was--I got this earlier, and then I got this later, in 1943, 1943 this was April--this was May and this has a story attached, why I got this.

We'll get to it.

Later, yeah. Okay, this is the back picture of the birth certificate that was stolen and given to me. And this was my first registration with uh, a sheriff.

So, you were reborn, basically?

Yes. Okay. This is the original birth certificate.

How did you get through with a birth certificate? You just give it to them?

No, no, no.

Oh, you kept it with you?

This was I kept with me. This was my ticket. This was stolen. And you know why this part was missing?


No, this part--in the birth certificate, it said in Polish, "Stamp do not remove. Copies can only be made of this," because this was the master original in the files. And this man stole it for me and I became this person. So we tore this up--this was already later.

This was from Łódź.

This was late--already under the Poles, okay.


This is the original. The--is the Kennkarte card.

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