Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Maurice Chandler - October 3, 1993

Mementos of Family

These are old photographs.

Now these are all photographs that I got from Mr. Morristein's brother because he was their age.

This is in the shtiebl?

No, no, no. This is--must have been some kind of an occasion, like what you call it, oifruf, you know, somebody got engaged, you know, all these young people gathered. I think that this was my father because it's in our, in our one part of the store. You see these are fashion pictures that was on the wall--I remember that picture. You see, and these are people that I can identify practically.

This is the only photograph you have of your father?

Yes, that's the only possible--I think this one is my father. He was the only ??? Feigenbaum, Lubow, Rothstein, Perlmutter, Finkelstein--this one survived, he was in Russia. This one ???. See, this is the Rothstein that came to America--made it to America and he just died a few years ago in New York. These were the sort of young people that--future Hasidims.

Are you in this picture?

No, I was a lot younger. I could have been one of these people--kids, possibly.

Too bad it's not clear.

Yeah. But this was given to me by uh, and another picture. See here the date.

This is '43.

Nineteen forty-three and there was four sheygetses standing, you know, we were working for a German company and uh, building a bridge in a village and one of them is me.

What a shame, huh? Which one?

You tell, you tell me. That's right.

That's it. It was a guess.

See these star prints we had?

You've got an attitude.

Yeah, well, you had to, you had to be sort of uh, sort of uh, touch of arrogance, because if you didn't, everything, uh, you know, was an avalanche--would fall right back on you. See, this is the company, you know. I took a job and this was the name--a false name that I lived under.

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