Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Maurice Chandler - October 3, 1993

Wehrmacht Soldiers Break into Homes

They broke into your house.

Yes. They broke into every house, and they were, you know, and obviously they did not appeal to them, and they were mocking me. They walked out, and I did not know as a, as a boy of fourteen, I couldn't even think of the thought. I didn't even, you know, imagine what the, the possibilities were.

These were the Wehrmacht soldiers.


This was your first up close...

Yelling and cursing--only Germans could. One German could make noise for ??? you know, when they with their rifle butts, and they just opened up ??? and they walked out. But I know the next morning, you know, we found out they were pulling out girls from houses and rapes all over the city and beatings and God only knows. And as a matter of fact, that later on, the Commandant of--I don't know what. The uniform with brown patches, but the captain of the police--I don't know what kind of a group that was--but they came with the Wehrmacht I don't know if it was the military police, but they didn't wear the, you know, brass plate, so maybe just police. But there was one gentlemen of the Germans--our tailors made a uniform for him and became friendly because they, they--he was billeted in our house. We gave him the upper floor, because we were the nicest house.

The SS men?

No, no. There was no SS men. The Wehrmacht.

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