Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Maurice Chandler - October 3, 1993

Life Before the War

Did you play soccer?

Are you kidding? We knew what it was, but soccer--goyim plays soccer. Sidney, you can't imagine what kind of an atmosphere it was. It was, it's like uh, I can imagine in a convent.

But you have, you have warm memories though.

Oh, yes. Well, of course, I have warm memories, because uh, you know, I loved everybody. I mean, it's my, my family, my people, but I have childish regrets how I felt at the time was a little boy. You know, these things that I--maybe I--at that time, I missed them very, very much. The things that little boys do, you know, go outside and kick a ball or play soccer and things like that.

Avrum was the same?

Avrum had a little more freedom, because they, they did not put as much pressure on him. They didn't groom him to be, you know, and plus he was, he was very skinny and they felt that he should be watched more, you know, they used to feed him this uh, you know, uh fish oil in winter, you know. They would give him a little--it would stink.

Cod liver oil.

Cod liver oil, you know. And me, they never worried about because I was sort of on the, on the zaftig side, and nobody ever worried about me.

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