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Bella Camhi - November 18, 1999

Religious Holidays

To shul, you mean.



And uh, in the summer, like Rosh Hashanah, we would stay outside. There was no, you know. And I was so young, I was so little, I wanted to peek up through the window because we're not allowed to go inside because we're not kosher. [laughs] You know what I mean.

Yeah. [laughs] Pesach, did people come to your house?

Oh Pesach, with Pesach everything. But every girl you see here is outside. Thrown out ??? and put in the corner. Every part had to be uh, prayed by the rabbi. There's a ??? boiling water because not everybody could afford like here two sets of dishes. And they used to make 'em kosher for Pesach.

So every year you go through the same kashrut and the ??? would get thrown...

??? are you kidding? Uh, it's like uh, now. I just don't--to me, I don't find this uh, very, particular special in the religion. That's me.


Because not to eat bread, I mean, this is foolish. And I made it up when I grew up. Everybody's entitled, you know. To me, I don't think this should have been in the religion, not to eat bread. But this is what the dear God did and we have to follow. And, and I said if I ever free myself and I'm by myself, that's out. And since then--first of all, I didn't believe no more in religion for what happened to me. It wasn't bad enough, the situation I was growing, and then Hitler add to add to it. What have we done wrong I should have gone--we went through hell and back.

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