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Bella Camhi - November 18, 1999


But you don't...


remember anything of Salonika, of going to shul in Salonika.

Oh yeah, we had a shul. Again, it was another barrack dressed out with the Sefer Torah and the, the you know, and the tallis and everything. And uh...

Another barrack. What was the name of the district that you were in? Was there a district name?

Uh, number six.

Number six.


I mean, there was...

??? you know. It's like they call here uh, the Schwarze town, on Meyers.

I see.

You know, they were uh, it was a poor area, very poor area.

Wasn't there a Baron de Hirsch district and an ???.


Different districts of the city.

But this is downtown.

Down...I see.

This, this is where... You see, ??? uh, because when the ??? there is twenty-fifth street. Uh, ??? . They go according, you see, we were ??? the lowest.

So like the street numbers.

No, no, no. This is the town, the city number. Like you have Southfield, Oak Park.

Yeah, so you had just numbers.

It was uh, twenty-five.

I see.

And we were ???

Number six.

Right. And then it was Los Caragachas. Las Caragachas almost like the cucaracha. The, the, the cucarachas.

Cockroaches, I see.

And then it was uh, oh God, on and on and on, you know. Then downtown was the high uh, high society.

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