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Bella Camhi - November 18, 1999

Reaction To Schindler's List

Did you see Schindler's List?

And I saw Sophie too. Sophie's Choice.

What did you think of the movie?

Uh, the movie, is very few things true.

In Schindler's List.

Right. Like what I say you know, they were exactly the same. In the train, you know. Maybe you say a week, maybe I lost it. I don't know. I uh, I know the first week the recollection I have on the train. And it was bad enough to go once a week. Because we went on three times. Once a week.

That sounds right to me.

Uh, I mean...

So the movie didn't upset you.

Upset me? Uh, Mala upset me when they show her part. That when she die.


You know, the...

In Schindler's List.

Yeah. The one who was in love with the German on the end.


Yeah. Because of the, like, reliving again something that I saw. I'm seeing is believing. And if people don't believe, I don't, I don't uh, give 'em, you know... I will be the same thing too. If I'm a seeing is believe, I won't believe it either. I have to see it. People they say you know uh, I don't believe it. And it's hard to believe.


It's very, very hard to believe.

So do you think that we should be doing this? We should be...

Well, I thought up to now it's been so many books. We don't want to let it forget, because you can't raise the history and make it bigger. You know what I mean? This is it. But we have to continue for the second and third generation not to forget it. You see, the ones that gonna remember is me. People like me. But Schindler's List, it was a thing for the dumb Goyim, that they still say--they were coming out the movie saying, "I don't believe it." And this was a, a knife into my heart. But you can't, you can't make uh, change uh, their mind. They were not there.

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