Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Bella Camhi - November 18, 1999


Do you ever have nightmares about this?

Uh, right now I'm dealing with these nightmares. He's getting up and calling me.

Your husband.

And the minute I hear "Bella, Bella," you know, and I get up like an idiot. And I'm looking in the kitchen, I'm looking in the living room, because I'm asleep. I just can't... I don't know if I have already going to let it go, I don't know. It's making me very unhappy.

And before he died, did you have other nightmares?

Uh, no.

Nothing about the camp?

Uh, the camp uh, uh, it's funny. I dream about my mother once. As I told you a beautiful that she was. She was in a bath, also she had long hair to the ???. Uh, no, I get nightmares that are worse than that.

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