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Bella Camhi - November 18, 1999

Post War Religious Beliefs

And what was yours?

At that time, it was gone. It still is gone and now I'm turning to be a God believer. Eh, there is God in the sky you know, for those things he's doing for me. You know what I mean? When miracles happen. It's gotta be--you gotta have a belief. I just don't believe this stupidity that we do, you know.

You believe that there's a God who's helping now.


So where was he in 1943.

You said it, not me. That's--this is our point. That uh, if anybody lost faith, it's for that what you said. Where was he when...

So where?

Where was you know, now that uh, earthquake. Killing people in Turkey like flies.

So what is your answer?

My answer is you know, if I do the right thing, it satisfies me. That's all. If I don't, I don't want to hurt anybody.

That, that's, that tells me a lot about you but it doesn't tell me about God.

Well, I do believe it. I do believe it is somebody there. I would love to meet him. Would love to, so is millions of people. I mean, God to me was the worst, the uh, the first word I ever learned. In spite of what I was going through.


I mean, concentration camp was not any better than 1933, if not worse.

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