Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Bella Camhi - November 18, 1999

Attempts to Escape

So were there ever any attempts at escape that you know?

Oh yeah. That Mala, Mala, a Hungarian girl.


Oh God, they call us all there. Was a--she was really in love with him.

With the soldier?

Oh yeah. She was really in love with him. I mean, he was a duke. He was--when he used to walk in our block, I mean all seven feet whatever, six something. Straight line. A young man! And uh, she didn't have a friend in the world. She couldn't come alive by the, the uh, the girls know what she was doing. And she wasn't doing anything wrong. She happened to fell in love with the... [interruption in interview]

...for uh, for concentration.

A teacher asked you to come and speak?

Uh, a policeman. I don't know if you know uh, he's in the Oak Park uh, policeman. Oh God, what's his name?

A big tall guy.


Yeah, sure, I know him.

He's uh, my son was married to his sister. Jack. Jimmy, Jimmy! Jimmy. He's a policeman. Anyway. And uh, his wife is a teacher.

So she asked you to come.

So she says, "Would you mind come?" I said, "No, with pleasure," I says, "if you can tolerate my accent." I can't change. I didn't know that you couldn't change your accent when I come here. I was going to do it.


Uh, it bothers me. Oh, when I hear myself. I don't leave a message to nobody.


To nobody. First of all, this machine I don't think it was the smartest thing. Maybe for you guys, you know. Uh, when I am stressful, I want to talk to you. I don't want to talk to the machine. I don't want to leave a message. I'm bleeding right this minute. And m...and my son don't understand that.

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