Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Bella Camhi - November 18, 1999

Conditions in Birkenau

You took the clothes.

From top to bottom. The honkeys was, the Hungarian--you're Hungarian?

No, that's all right.

Well listen, they call us Grek you know, the Greek. Grecia. Uh, they were the richest people. Gold pieces, twenty gold pieces, they were all over. A fur coat was lined all with it. I picked it up, I says, oh my gosh you know, what is it in it. And the breads and the shoe soles. You--I never seen so much gold in my entire life.

The Hungarians didn't come until 1944.

Well I worked there all my, all my time.

So b...before the Hungarians came...


there were others.

There, there were the Polish. Uh, the Gypsies, the, the Gyp...uh, Gypsies they burn 'em right away. They let 'em come in with the dogs and the chickens and the cows. And uh, one night there was all this screaming and the following day it was quiet. They were all gone.

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