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Bella Camhi - November 18, 1999

Judenrat in Salonika

Before we get to the camp, do you remember uh, Rabbi Koretz? Dr. Koretz?




No. Not familiar name? Um, uh, ??? These were people who were on the Jewish Council.

Well, again, they will be...

Again in middle of the city.

down in the high society. I mean, you're not only poor, you're not wanted by the you know, on top of your ???


You, you are not liked like you did it.

By anybody. Right.


All right, so it's 1943 now...


and, uh...

March 25, 1943. I, we were already lined up. In the meantime...

Who came to get you to line you up?

Oh a bunch of Ger...uh, German soldiers.

German soldiers.

A bunch of them. I mean, you were ten, fifteen you know, on each side.

Did they give you, give you any warning, did they say tomorrow you're going to have to do this?


Just right on the spot.

That's right. They knock at the door, and you have to go out.

Mm-hm. What did you take?

I didn't take anything. And I had the biggest argument with my mom. I says, "You know what, they taking me, they not take stuff too." Somehow it's an intuition on uh, that, uh... It bothers me, I'm so psychic and it bothers me, even to this very day.

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