Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Bella Camhi - November 18, 1999

Conditions Under Germans (Continued)

Did, did you speak to the Germans when you first saw them come in? Did you... in 1941?

Right away. The English too. It's a gi...a god-given...


gift. Well, it wasn't as good to like uh, but within three months, six months, you couldn't fool me.

Hm. what did you think of them when they went, when you first saw--had you ever seen a German soldier before?

They were so handsome and just as rotten. Uh, al...always bad.

You'd never seen a German soldier up close before, had you?

Oh yes I did. One wanted to marry me, on the end.

I mean, but in 1941, this was the first time.

Uh, we used to chase them because we wanted to take some food from the trucks.


I mean, if you got it in goods with them, you know. Like I said, once we found out that they have no, no use for us. To me it was a big concern, that. And uh, you take a friend you know, you make a friend with someone, German. They used to take care of you like anything.

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