Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Irene Hasenberg Butter - September 22, 1986

Reunited with Family

When did your brother and your mother come?

They came in June of '46. So I came December '40, let's see, I came December '45. They came six months later, six, seven months later. I think my brother came in June. He came on a boat, my mother flew. She came in July.

It must have been quite a reunion.

Yeah and we couldn't live together because there was a housing shortage in New York, so the first, from '46 'til the summer of 1949, we did not, we had not been able to get an apartment in New York City and lived in different places. But uh, my mother and I lived in, you know, in rooms, rented rooms with various people that we could find and my brother lived with a cousin. But in '49, we were finally able to find an apartment and then the three of us lived together.

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