Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

David Burdowski - May 13, 1982


Share with us--what else can you tell me?

There isn't a, a day that shouldn't go through that we shouldn't remind ourselves of, of the Holocaust--of the camps. Wherever--if one or two couples get together we can talk about business, we can talk about our kids, we can talk about anything, by the end you have to talk about camp, no matter what. In the end it's always back in camp and back in, in uh, the suffering that we went through. Sometimes, sometimes when--in, in the barbershop people would uh, notice my number, uh, the number on my arm and they'll say "Oh, you're from uh, the camps, huh?" I says, "Yeah." So sometimes they would ask questions and sometimes you feel like discussing and sometimes you feel like forgetting. So it depends uh, how you feel that particular day. I hope that uh, I suffered enough, that enough for my kids and for my grandkids and for my--for the rest of the world, that nobody should go through that kind of experience again. That's about it.

I hope so too.

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