Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

David Burdowski - May 13, 1982

Family Life Today

You said that your wife probably wouldn't want to do an interview like this or, or talk about her experiences.

I asked her. She says she probably couldn't do it. Uh, maybe she will, I don't know. But uh, it is heartbreaking. Let's face it. It's very heartbreaking. Maybe she will, I don't know.

Is, is she very protective of your children?

Very much so, very much so. We all are because our kids are our parents and our grandparents and everything that we have is our kids. So I guess that's why uh, we're so protective of our kids.

You also.

Oh, yeah. I said "we".

Your daughters live in the area?

Uh, I have one daughter right now she's living in Brighton and uh, she has two kids: one boy four years old and one little girl. She's almost seven months old now. And the other daughter uh, lives uh, in uh, Farmington and she has two boys. One will be eleven a couple weeks from now and the other one is going to be seven. And one is still with me--Michelle is still with me. She's only uh, going to be sixteen in September. I don't know what we would, we'd do without them. We're very close.

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