Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

David Burdowski - May 13, 1982

Injuries from the Camp

Can I ask what happened to your finger?

Uh, yeah, that's kind of uh, in ??? when we used to work in uh, unloading the uh, uh, the wood one winter night it was snowing, raining at the same time and one of the big logs of, of wood when I picked it up it slipped and took my finger off--part of the finger. Uh, we had a German Jewish doctor there but he didn't have any uh, medicine or any aspirin. He didn't have anything.

Another prisoner?

He was also a prisoner. And so the only thing he could do is just make his own kind of uh, medicine and put it on. But the finger was never good. And then the other part it was already cut--the other part I touched it here by a lawnmower.


So, finished the other hand. But it started in, in uh, in ??? in the camp. And because I didn't probably have the--didn't felt it anymore, so I just touched it the...

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