Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

David Burdowski - May 13, 1982

Testifying Against an SS Guard

But that uh, two years ago in June the German consul called me to uh, if I would come to Germany to be a witness of one of the uh, SS men and I says yes. So he gave me a ticket and I flew to uh, Germany and the trial was in ???. We--I didn't know what to expect. So the next day I--the trial started nine o'clock in the morning and uh, we went into the courtroom. It was maybe about a hundred people in the courtroom. And there--and it's different in the courtroom over there than it is here. Over there the uh, the SS man had six lawyers defending him and then there were three judges and a prosecuting attorney. And the judges would ask me questions and then after I told him the whole story from the camp and especially this particular guy which I recognized the pictures from uh, as he looked before in the SS uniform. And I said this is the man who would go after uh, on the trip--on, on the march and anybody who couldn't walk anymore he would take out a pistol and just kill you--shot right in the, in the, in the head.

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