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Larry Brenner - December 13, 1981

Survival and Resistance

Can we... before we talk about your experiences, a little bit of your experience after you came to Detroit maybe um, do you have any idea how many people survived from your town?

Hm, I just give you a percentage, perhaps I'll give you five percent.

Okay, so. And there were two hundred families before?


Not many. Uh, now another, another question which um, let me just ask...

From my family, which was taken from Hungary, it's one of my sisters already. 'Cause my brother was not taken from hometown, he was also taken from another city. In other words...

I see, so your...

...from the hometown, from my hometown only my sister survived from my family.

Um, when you were in, either in uh, in the first labor camp or, or in Mauthausen...


...do you remember any talk of resistance or of, uh...

No, no because we were short time there and we were separated from the main camp.

And what about in the labor camp before that? What was the name of the camp?



No, no, it wasn't, it wasn't time again. We were there only from November 'til uh, March or so and there wasn't... We--there wasn't... The populace, they were Nazis, because there was, I told you there were on Austrian border, they were German Hungarian is really what they were. Hungarian Germans.

So, what would be the point?

Pardon me?

What would have been the point?

They were lo... loyal to the Nazis.


They were loyal to the Nazis.

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