Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Larry Brenner - December 13, 1981

Fate of Family

So, we arrived in Hungary and, uh... I don't know about small details. I did find out that my sister is alive, my brother is alive because when I arrived, they, they, we went... There was a Jewish kind of a headquarters where they welcomed people like me. And naturally you had to fill out a form and uh, immediately, I asked a question, did you hear anything from my sister Sasha. So, they had a research department where mail came in from, where people tried to find one another. And a letter was waiting for me from my sister from Germany. She is alive. She's waiting to come home, which is ??? And also, then I didn't know about the rest of my family, my uncles or aunts left over, survived or not. But this kind of gave me a kind of an uplift that I heard my sister is alive. Then I find out what's happened to the Hungarian Jews, because I didn't know how to approach them, what happened to the Hungarian Jews. They said that lots of them did survive. So, I hoping that my uncle or my aunt they survive, which I, soon I heard that there is a good chance. I run to that, over there where they used to live, and behold, they all survive.

In Budapest.

In Budapest, they all survive. My brother, I find out that he survived, except he was in Russian concentration camps. My brother who's living now in Florida, what happened, he was liberated in Budapest and uh, as he was watching that the Russian are taking the German soldiers into a concentration camp, somehow couple of Germans escaped and the Russian noticed there is about two or three missing. In order to... He's responsible for the headcount, so he grabbed my brother, one of 'em. Yeah, one of 'em. And they took him in a Hun... took him in a Russian... It took about, about four, five months in to get him out from there and he almost lost his life. He came out like this, skinny like hell.

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