Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Larry Brenner - December 13, 1981


So, but anyway, so we start walking. We start... I had my bicycle. We had a little, we, we, we had a little, I think some outfits, some German, not German office, some uniforms we tried, we get for ourselves and clean clothes and we start marching. We march, march, march, all of a sudden, me and my friends became high temperature. And we felt that we cannot walk no more. So, we stopped an American ambulance and we told them, listen, take us to a nearest hospital because we have high temperature. And the other four boys we left them there. We said, listen, we cannot do it. So, they took us to a, again, to an Italian hospital. Italian. I don't know what kind of a hospital it was, but we didn't see any doctors, nurses. We see and they spoke Italian only. We got the typhus, both of us, typhus. We were there for about two weeks. I was delirious because I had real high temperature, about a hundred to... The only treatment we got, they gave us food and every middle of the night they woke us up and they gave us an injection. What injection was, I don't know. But we got probably just better by ourselves. And this friend of mine, he got it earlier. He, he, he collected his sense about, earlier than I did and he was a mean son of a bitch that time. He said listen, you get up from bed and you have to follow me or else I leave you here. So, I took all my strength together and I almost collapse, because when you are two weeks in bed with high temperature, you feel, didn't ???

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