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Larry Brenner - December 13, 1981

Budapest 4

All right, let's go back to the...


...to the... Unless there's more from, from Budapest that you remember.

Pardon me?

Unless there's more that you...

Well, one, one episode I would like to maybe mention from Budapest, that, uh... As I mentioned before that it was not that horrible, not that bad where I was uh, stationed and uh, since uh, many times I could escape--not escape--what I mean by escaping, just take off for a couple hours without, which I wasn't permitted, but nevertheless the officer looked aside and they didn't see me going. And I went home to visiting my family, my aunts and uncles, even in the ghetto as, and, and living in this uh, Swedish home. And one afternoon it's... That was already starting to be where, where, where this uh, Szálasi took power and things got to be real bad. As I remember, coming home and I seen on the street a bunch of Jewish people be taken by these Nazis and I don't know where they taken to Danube or to or for, for deporting. All uniformed Nazis were holding the gas and going there and there was a young boy, maybe about ten or twelve years old, and he had a Nazi uniform also, it's one of the Nazi's son, and he had also a gun. And he was hitting the Jews with his gun and the populace was watching, the civilian populace says, how cute that boy is. And naturally, they didn't--I was, I took off my band and nobody knew I was Jewish. I was an outsider--and I had to also smile otherwise, otherwise I am uh, give away my, if I would try to, to uh, hold him back but I thought that the populace said, that's so cute to see the little Nazi boy, twelve-year-old how he's hitting the Jew, how cute the, with the uniform, how he is. This was one of them.

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