Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Larry Brenner - December 13, 1981

Fertorákos 2

Anyway, and uh, this German officer, I must have, bought my explanation and he let me go. Now life in Fertorákos was quite harsh because the element... It was winter, food was meager, and work was very hard. However uh, only individual execution did exist, but not in a mass style and people did not starve in masses. Uh, one incident happened I think the, in the beginning when we arrived uh, which uh, left quite a big impression on me, maybe it was the second or third day. We came home from work or... and in the afternoon we were just uh, staying outside of our quarters, and all of a sudden, we see two SA coming in front and between them four Jewish boys and, and behind them two other SA. And they're SA, the German officers. And they were having their gun with bayonet sticking out holding against those four boys. And as we were seeing the boys going through and we noticed that their shoelaces were taken off from their shoes and as they pass by they say it in Hungarian to us, "Please do say Kaddish after us." So, they were taking them down to field to execute them. The reason we found out, two of them tried--two Green brothers--they tried to escape and they caught them. The third, the third one was a JEWPO. They called them JEWPO over there--Jewish polizei--because he did not announce them. And the other one was the guy who slept right next... who were sleeping right next to him because he also did not announce him. And this was... left quite a deep impression on me. They took them down to execute them in the field and one ex... one incident.

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