Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Larry Brenner - December 13, 1981

Friend in Camp

Now, I had one thing going for me, there is this... Two things was going for me. One of my buddies--which he lives here also in Southfield--he got sick and he stayed home. Now believe it or not, and he stayed home and the farm lady who in front was living there, the owner of that, the, the yard, was a German Schwab, a German of those Nazis. He came to visit her, visit him rather. She came to visit him. And believe it or not, he made love to her. Felt that this is his salvation and then he will get food... food to her, because once he does that, I'll be like her. Her husband, her husband uh, my hus... her husband was in the army, in the German Army and he went to her home regularly at night. He took a bed there, he made love to her, and he drank food. So... And he brought me some food also. He ate there like a king. He was in danger. If they get them they both get... He felt that she's safe that she won't betray him, because she, you know, she's also in the same boat.

It's against the law.


It's against the law.

Right. I mean, it was a Jew... So, so that was his, that was his... And he had a pretty good, you know, food-wise because our main concern was two things, the element of the winter--naturally, if they shot you, you can't help--and food.

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