Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Eva Boros - February 11, 1983

Return to Bratislava II

Did you have your st...star still on your clothing at this point?

Only my coat. Coat, but...

You didn't, you didn't take them off, you kept them on your coat.

You try to imagine in this weather to sleep in the ditch.

No, I don't mean take your coat off, but you didn't try to take the stars off?

Oh no, no, no, there was no star.

Oh, okay.

We did not. Come on. [laughs]

No, no I'm just wondering if you had taken them off.

In Hungary they didn't have yet the star.

Oh, okay.

At this point they started to have I think a band, a yellow or a blue band, I don't remember. In Czechoslovakia you had a yellow star with a blue uh, lining on it, blue whatever. But we, no, of course not.


But it would have been still, people you know, it's not like here that you don't know. Even here people know more or less, you can pick them out. So anyway, we went to these friends and of course, immediately he gave us money to take the tram home. And uh, this was actually the first time to my sorrow and the last time that I saw my father cry, that he was so you know, excited and emotionally moved that uh, all three of us at once arrived. Because they actually were almost convinced that they will never see us again. So uh, then there was my sister that had to come home.

She was still in Budapest.

She was still in Budapest and then this, they did not, no persuasion made them let her go.

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