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Eva Boros - February 11, 1983

Smuggled to Budapest

Also to Budapest?

To Budapest too, to the same ladies who were not willing to accept us anymore because they were afraid of their own life. Things there started to stink too, so uh, both of us were uh, put into a uh, camp, which was uh, guarded by the Hungarian Nazi Party.

It was just Jewish families or children or?

Everybody. Chi...children, families, whatever. Everybody that wasn't, didn't have a legal right to be a, a Hungarian. So um, I were--we were there about six weeks. In March uh, 14 the Germans entered Hungary. Uh, my brother was put into a legal Hungarian Jewish orphanage and I was put in the legal Jewish uh, orphanage for girls, at this point. Now uh, when the G...the date when the Germans enter, the next day the Jewish uh, girls orphanage had to be uh, emptied out because the building was a huge building and they needed the building. So at this point I decided to run away from there. Uh, my two brothers, the, the three of us decided to go on our own back to Bratislava, because there was no point in staying there. It was the same there as here. My sister uh, the--actually the four of us wanted to do that, but uh, my sister was not allowed by the relatives, our relatives to leave because they uh, gave uh, how do you--they gave some assurances to the government that they'd take care of her. So in, in order of saving their own skin, they did not let her go, okay? So the three of us decided to run away and uh, we did. And uh, of course all the uh, the train uh, stations were guarded very heavily by Germans and by Hungarians. Everybody had to show any you know, identification, which we didn't have a thing. Okay, we ran away, all three of us.

How old were your brothers?

My older brother--well, in, he was born in '25, my oldest brother.

He was nineteen?


Forty-four, 19--18?

Eighteen, eighteen, yeah. And uh, I was eleven...


ten or eleven. And my brother was uh, thirteen or fourteen. So anyway uh, uh, miracle do happen because otherwise I would not be here. And for some reason the moment we—you--we were standing in line to be checked and uh, they just something went on somewhere else and they turned around and we just went in.

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