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Eva Boros - February 11, 1983


And you've been in this country fourteen years?

Fourteen years now.

And did you come right here to Southfield? I mean, is that where you came from Israel right to Michigan?

No, we were first in Cleveland, Ohio and then we came to this beautiful... [laughs]

[laughs] And you have children?

Yeah, I have two daughters. Or, both of them were born in Israel.

I see. And do you go back to Israel often?


Do you visit Israel often or?

Not often. I, I would like to go this year, but I don't know. It's a very expensive.

And uh, your sister and brother are still alive in Israel.

Yeah, I have a, my sister has uh, four children. Her oldest son uh, was in, in the '73 uh, war. Lost his left leg in the--down in the Sinai. He was an army office and tank commander. And uh, he has four and a half children, all boys. My sister has one daughter who is uh, married to an economist and she is a teacher. She left the kibbutz and she has two sons. And uh, then the, she has another daughter who is finishing now being a dentist, medical school and then dentist. She also left the kibbutz because she wanted to be a doctor. She has only one son, which makes it to seven grandson, no granddaughter. [laughs] And my brother is in Jerusalem. He has one son and uh, a daughter. The son is not right. He's in an institution. And the little daughter is a genius, absolute wonderful little girl.

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