Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Eva Boros - February 11, 1983



The Beginning of '48. Right? It was a little... sometime spring. But before this, the war broke out already. And uh, Tel Aviv and Jaffa were so close and we were close to Jaffa, Mikveh Israel, very close, walking distance. The Arabs uh, started to fight uh, they were--they came into little settlements, even, there was a little uh, factory, spirits, for uh, making alcohol, denatured alcohol. And uh, there, it was only guarded by Haganah members and they just killed them and dismembered them. That was just uh, one of the things, which I--why do I mention it, because we were involved actually physically, the boys that were our boys in my class had to go and clean up the mess. I mean, it was inhuman. And also, all of us gave blood to the Mogen David Adom and things like this just to... We had to be on guard, girls too. Uh, my room was facing the Arabs, Jaffa. So one evening uh, while studying, the--you know they snipe, they, they were sniper, they like to do their killing this way, from far. So they shot at me, I was a little too low. So it went above my hand and ricocheted down to my friends under the bed and it was... So then we really, they built walls on their windows. It was bad. Meanwhile, my brother-in-law, the new brother-in-law got wounded down in the kibbutz. The kibbutz uh, sent all the women and children up to Tel Aviv because uh, it was so dangerous. They--the Egyptians were actually inside the kibbutz. They were so close and they still withstand--stood them. There was no water because they uh, bombarded the water tank which uh, in the Negev usually that's how they keep their uh, water, you know. And uh, my brother was in, in uh, I don't know really where he was. He was a soldier somewhere. I didn't know really where he was. So then the, that was the, the end of the war came and I left Mikveh Israel with the group and we went to Shavey Zion, which is close to Haifa and we were part of a, um... No, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. First we went to ??? which is in the Emek, Emek Israel. Because it was a borderline kibbutz. So we were sent as a help more or less because of the, in case something happens there and they are attacked. Also the boys were sent. I don't, I cannot remember. Yeah, we were first in Shavey Zion I'm sorry. First we went to Shavey Zion, which was uh, close to Haifa uh, between Haifa and Maharya. And uh, then the army uh, took the boys to training because it was their time came and they had to be soldiers. And then they resettled us since it was relevant for the borderline places to be on the border. That when we went there. And from there I just--I decided I wasn't a soldier, I still wasn't yet uh, old enough. I was not, seventeen or so. I decided that I don't feel like staying there. I didn't like that, it didn't suit me. And I went to Haifa. In Haifa I--well I went and I didn't tell anybody or anything because the family that I had left...

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