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Eva Boros - February 11, 1983

End of War

But uh, the family was family, so her children--which was my father's stepbrothers and sisters uh, started coming back. They all were deported, of course. They all started to come back. And my aunt, that was my father's actual sister came back with her family. She lo...lost a daughter. Uh, my grandmother

--so, my one, two, three, four, five aunts and uncles, which were mostly aunts, one uncle, came back from concentration camps with part of their family also not coming back and so on. And most of my father's brothers died in concentration camp, which was one, two, my father... Yeah, that was all. The three of them died. My mother died in concentration camp and my brother didn't come back. Being active in the Zionist group we went back to the--it was then very, very active after the war. I think from Israel they sent people that were starting to organize and so on. They started organized and uh, we were in those organizations very active. And in '46 May, I was on my way to Israel.

By yourself?

Yeah, yeah, but it was with a group, it was with a group.

Your sister and brother stayed? Were still in...

My sister and brother stay back. My brother went uh, first my sister went uh, also illegally and she was kept in um, what was the camp in, in Israel? I forgot the name. I forgot the name. Well, she was kept in a camp by the British and then my brother went also illegally and he was in Cafrisi, in Cyprus. Also in that uh, camp where the British kept them. And finally we were all three were in Zion. I think that we can stop now. What do you think?

Okay, if you want.


If you'd...

[interruption in interview]

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