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Eva Boros - February 11, 1983


This is an interview with Mrs. Eva Boros on February 11, 1983 in Southfield, Michigan. The interviewer is Kay Roth.

You are not cold here?

No, it's fine. I don't know, I keep my house cold, so, whatever you're comfortable. I have lots of tapes too, so if we go more than one tape, I have three hours worth of tapes. Uh, we'll start by asking you some questions about your background before the war. Where were you born and the date?

I was born in Bratislava, which is Czechoslovakia. And this is the Slovak part of Czechoslovakia and uh, my mother comes from ??? which is Austria, the Hungarian part of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. And my father is from Slovakia, which is part of Slovakia. But I come from an uh, Orthodox uh, a very religious house. And uh, was brought up in a very, very strict, religious kosher, and so on...


upbringing. My father was a member of the Hapoel Mizrachi ever since I remember, and uh, was in a Zionistic group. All of us, we were four children, I was the youngest uh, were in Zionistic groups, which was the Bnei Akiva during the uh, uh... It's uh, how do you say that? The, he called them Mizrachi--the father and they are the son group, I don't know. It's--they are more or less even similar. Uh, we are uh, I would say it was a more uh, modern Orthodox way of upbringing. Uh, I went to a all-girls school, also the same Orthodox from the Jewish community in the town. Bratislava was a very important place for the Jewish uh, European Jewish community because it has a very famous uh, rabbinical school. And uh, then uh, one of the very fa... Well, it doesn't matter. Anyway, my brother took part, he went to the rabbinical school ever since his childhood. The one that, my surviving brother.

Who's in Israel now.

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