Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Miriam Biegun - August 10, 1983


You moved.

Yeah because there was nothing, everything was broken and, you know so because we Polish citizens, we were born in Poland, they let us out. So a lots of Jews went by trains to Poland. And we all came to Łódź. It's a pretty big city in Poland. And we came there, and we stayed there, I don't know, maybe uh, eight months, nine months, I don't know. I don't know, you know, I know years I remember, but the, the months I don't remember and dates. Because in '47, we were already in Berlin, you know, we smuggled the border from Poland to Berlin.???

You crossed the river.

Yeah, the river, so we came to Berlin, we stayed a couple months in Berlin and then we came to Germany.

Where in Germany?

We were in Jäger-Kaserne Ziegenhain.

Ziegenhain was a displaced camp there?

Yeah, this was a camp, I suppose it was a prisoner camp because, you know, they saved all the children to make school, and you know, kids are sneaky people, you know, the boys and girls are sneaky ones, want to see what's going on there. So we went to the barracks there and there was all the kind of pictures and writing, and all the wirings, you know, it looks like a, a camp. So, I don't--maybe, maybe American soldier were there, but it looks like a prisoner camp.

A prisoner of war camp? Or army barracks?

Yeah, it looks like--yeah because it looks by the pictures on the wall, you know. It looks like it.

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