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Peri Berki - December 9, 1983

Immigration to New York

Yeah, and so you came to New York and...

Came to New York and uh, with army. My, my son, my sister and my, my uh, sister and my sister's daughter got the visas before us. Because they said people who have school children have preference to go. So we write, they let my son go with my sister, she had a girl for school and we, my husband and I, we were left behind. And then, so he came to America before us, three months before. He came in September, we came in December. And he was waiting at, for us at the boat and we hardly recognized him. He had a different hairdo, he had a different... In Hungary he had shorts, he has long pants and a long winter coat. We hardly recognized him. In Hungary he had his hair like this. And we lived in a hotel for six weeks and my sisters, three days after we arrived, my sister and I each got a Persian lamb coat. So she was just unbelievable.

By the way uh, you were the youngest or the middle? Where were you?

I was just the middle.

You were the middle, okay.

My brother and my sister were younger and another sister and brother were older. That was, and that's not all. My goodness.

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