Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Peri Berki - December 9, 1983

Israel or America

Well, if you think of them, you know, we can always...

Go back.

go back and talk about it. Um, so and from there did you go to Israel or did you come to the United States?

And then uh, we, then the group went to Israel. The, towards, that they are going towards Israel and we just, we didn't go. And we didn't go and there was, there were a lot of uh, reasons.

Why not?

Because my sister was in America.

Oh, so you knew originally you wanted to go to America.

Yeah, yeah. And my sister after the wa... the war was over, he send, she, they send to an American soldier every month a hundred dollar and we got. From an American soldier who we never knew, just my sister wrote the address and everything and he got the money and he notified us and we got. So they were well off here and they wanted us to come here. So, and my sister, and I have two aunts here. I had a lot of family here. We didn't want to go to, to Israel. And uh, a few times my husband insisted that he'd rather go to Israel, it was very, very disturbing scenes that he wanted to leave.

He wanted to go.

He wanted... He didn't have anyone, but I don't know why he wanted. Maybe he didn't want to go that he should depend on relatives or something, but anyhow.

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