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Peri Berki - December 9, 1983

Son's Desire to Go to Russia

Um, so let's see, after the war, um...

Yeah, after the war, gosh it would have been that easy?

Would you like to say something?


No it's more interesting if you have other incidents that you remember during the war.


Okay, we were talking about the subject of your son and, uh...

Yeah, and then when we got liberated and the Russian came in they saw liberation for us, for, for Hungary it was occupation, for us it was liberation. And I just wrote about it two days ago that my son all of a sudden came back, came to me and said that he's going to the Russian soldiers back to Russia. And I was, I just, I was so shocked that I couldn't say a word. We were still afraid, there was rumor that the Germans are coming back. And that rumor was for a long time and we were very much afraid. And he, finally he says, please and he didn't want to stay again that the German came back and he wanted to go to Russia. And then I said, “What will I tell to daddy and when will I see you again?” So somehow he didn't go. But this was a big shock to me to convince him. I don't remember entire enough to recall how I convinced him, but he didn't go. But he was very much for it. He was, it was already, he was so much afraid that the Germans are coming back, he didn't want to stay there.

That's interesting.

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