Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Peri Berki - December 9, 1983


And again, these people were giving you food and shelter for free because you were refugees? You were paying?

No, no, we had money.

Oh you had money?

I didn't mention that because it's very uh, it's a very long, it's a different chapter, a separate chapter that, when we got reimbursed I told you for the, for the...


granary and, and, I told you...

No you didn't tell me.

Yeah, yeah, before we left the farm we got reimbursed by the government...


for the gran... granary.

Oh you did. PB So my husband, there was a lot of black marketing going on. We bought gold, my husband bought gold coins for the money he got. And when he needed money, there were always, there were always people who could get connections to sell and buy during all these periods, I don't know how.

You mean that can sell and buy that, uh...

Standard gold pieces.


So my husband one by one sold it and we always had money. And as long as we could go out and buy something in stores, we went. We didn't need other people's help financially. But we, there were periods when we couldn't go out because they was bombing all day long. So on the radio they warned us that people should save bride, bread and the time might come because they are not, we were not, we wouldn't be able to go out and buy. And we used the dry bread with, we heated water and we poured it over and we had it as a soup. We, we were never upset because it was worse in concentration camp. This was always, always, always in our minds. And this helped a lot.

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